Meet the Herd

Equine Tranquility Wellness Center is a non-profit corporation which strives to improve the lives and welfare of horses.   
We find our horses through donations or rescues and then train them to be part of the therapeutic riding program.

If you or someone you know would be interested in donating an equine that you think would be a great match for our program, please contact us.

We request that you send an email to with as much information as possible and someone will contact you.


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"B" & Dakota

Find out below about each horses journey to becoming part of the herd at ETWC!


Breed: Arabian
Age: 22 yrs.
Joined ETWC: 2009

Meet Zoura.  She is a rescue from a farm in New York that was sold and she was being left behind because no one had purchased her.  She is an Arabian pony, 14.2 hands, and is 18 years old.  When we took her home she would not eat hay, was under weight, and had sores on her skin by her tail and mane.  She has gained about 50 lbs so far,  and still needs to gain about another 100lbs.  We currently have her turned out in a big grass field and she is so happy!  She also gets special hay and senior supplements for healthy joints and skin. She rides both English and Western and has the sweetest personality.  Her favorite thing to do is take her rider over ground poles and she loves carrots.


Full Name: Don't Give A Can
Breed: Standard
Age:11 yrs.
Joined ETWC: 2010

Meet Licorice.  He was donated to our program from a standardbred trainer.  He was off the track for several months and he was their favorite horse.  The trainer’s girlfriend used to hop on him bareback and ride him around the property. He is 9 years old and is 15.3 hands. He acts like a big puppy dog and loves attention.  His best friend is Zoura.  Licorice’s favorite thing is to take his rider on a trail ride and go exploring. 



Breed: Paint Quarter 
Age: 11 yrs.
Joined ETWC: 2012

 Meet Arty.  Arty was donated to us by a man in south jersey that we never got a chance to meet.  Arty’s owner had been sick with cancer for over two years, and Arty had not been ridden in a year by the man.  He was paying for him, and had someone at the barn taking care of him.  The owner became really sick and decided to rehome Arty. We took him on trial for three weeks and the last day of our trial period the owner passed away.  We decided to keep Arty, but had some issues to work out. When he came to us he had sole bruising in all four feet and was very nervous to trust us.  We believe while the past owner was sick, whoever was taking care of Arty must have handled him very roughly.  It has taken months to get him to trust us, and to heal his feet.  We also recently found out Arty has Lyme’s Disease and he is currently getting treated for it.  Arty is very kind, and he looks at you with the softest eye.  He has a wonderful western jog, and will follow his leader around like a puppy dog.  We also started Arty in Parelli training January of 2011. 


Full Name: Napoleon
Breed: Connemara
Age:12 yrs.
Joined ETWC:2012


Full Name: Pralines 'N' Cream
Age:12 yrs.
Joined ETWC: Start Up Inspiration - Colleen's First Horse


Age:18 yrs.
Joined ETWC: 2011


Full Name: Fergalicious
Breed: Paint/Welsh
Age: 12 yrs.
Joined ETWC: 2012


Full Name: Play Maker
Breed: Westphalian
Age: 16 yrs.
Joined ETWC: 2013


Breed: Paso Fino
Age: 23 yrs.
Joined ETWC: 2012


Full Name: Classy Sassy
Breed: Paint
Age: 22 yrs.
Joined ETWC: 2012


Full Name: LS Heaven Sent
Age: 14 yrs.
Joined ETWC: 2012

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