ETWC Mission

The Equine Tranquility Mission:

Equine Tranquility Wellness Center is a non-profit corporation

  • Our Mission is to promote education, personal development, communication, and enhance emotional well being through Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies to everyone, including those with mental, physical, emotional, or psychological disabilities or difficulties.
  • To advance the knowledge, research and studies of the benefits of Equine Assisted Therapies for scientific purposes.
  • To advance the welfare the equines used in Equine Assisted Activities, Equine Assisted Therapies and Equine Facilitated Psychotherapies through education and proper training for charitable purposes.  

What Equine Assisted Activities can do for YOU:

Therapeutic riding is the use of movement of the horse and the application of the principles involved in riding and horsemanship to enhance the rider's quality of life.

You do not need to be handicapped to participate in Equine Assisted Activities (EAA).  In fact, people with all disabilities including emotional, social or psychological disabilities find great success with EAA.   Building a relationship with the horse is rewarding in many aspects.  Earning the trust of the horse demonstrates to the student how important they are and will help with gaining meaningful relationships with other people.

Riding is very social and learning how to care for the horse teaches  the student to communicate efficiently with the horse and the instructor.

If you are not a sociable person, then EAA is just for you!  Being able to socialize with horses and the instructor on a one-on-one basis, and groom and care for the horse, will teach you how to socialize on a much less stressful level.

If you are disabled, then Therapeutic Riding and EAA are for you!  Being able to ride on a horse gives you a sense of independence and freedom and promote feelings of confidence and self-worth.  Then, being able to care for the horse afterward makes you feel even closer to this majestic animal.

EWTC also has classes for people who love Yoga.  Have you ever done Yoga on a horse? Or thought that it was possible?  Yoga, especially on horseback can improve your core balance, strength, flexibility, and breathing.  It also greatly approves your posture. 

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